Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's So Great About Bicycle Commuting in NYC

I've commuted from every corner of the city.
I ride Rain ,Shine,Snow,Wind or Temp from neg 2 deg's to 102 deg's Fahrenheit.I know why I do it. My family doesn't think anything of it if I gear up and go out to ride to work in a severe winter blizzard,seems perfectly normal?

My neighbors may view it a little differently, especially our Doorman!

I don't know, it's just not a big deal to me.

So I was just wondering what DRIVES us onto our Bicycles day in and out to go back and forth from home to work in Rain , Snow or High winds!

BTW , I don't have one photo of myself cycling in any blizzards.

Please leave me your thoughts in the comments.
Very Curious,


  1. I posted this for David.
    He lives on Martha's Vineyard.

    Hi Shelly

    It won't let me comment. It's asking for a profile and I have none and I'm not even sure what any of them are.

    Here is what I wrote.

    Hi Shelly

    95% of my riding is with my children on our triplet or tandem depending on how many kids I'm riding with.

    My 14 year old is autistic and though she is in the same school with her big sister (16 years old), she starts school later than big sister and only spends 3 hours a day at school. I get her to school at 9:00 AM and pick her up at 12:00 Noon. She can't ride the bus. It would drive her to distress.

    Big sister takes the bus back and forth to school and little sister rides with me on our tandem to school and then I head off to the bike shop for a couple of hours where I work as a mechanic. Return trip and I pick her up at noon with the tandem and we are off to shopping, checking the mail and any and all errands as needs be.

    I have ridden solo in rain, snow, blizzards and on frozen ponds but if the weather is really inclement (wet and cold) I will drive my daughters though the coldest day we have ridden to school was a dry 22 degrees for the morning ride to school. Had to climb over snow banks on the bike path and coast across big ice patches on the path.

    My daughters are the fittest kids I know, have never had a single cavity and have grown up on bicycles. They think it's the norm.

    If I didn't have children to think about I wouldn't drive anywhere, just ride the bike.


  2. Shell you gotta remember you're a bike nut (unlike most of the loud majority) so nothing short of the dipsey-doodles is gonna keep you off your one of your bikes or trikes.

    Your ole bud Mitchyy