Friday, May 14, 2010

Bike Shop -Travoy Cargo Trailer By Burley!

 My good Friend Aimee has been using the Burley Travoy for a couple of weeks. It's not gonna be easy to get back!

Thank you so much for letting me try out your Travoy Cargo Trailer. 

 Going Shopping
 Tribeca NYC

I really don't want to give it back and would buy it any cost its that good.  I have been using it to visit my clients (I deep clean, reorganize) and I can fit everything I possibly need (including vacuum) in one of the various bags.  Also, I use it to buy groceries and it really does hold about 4 big bags of food.  Such a time saver as before I would make multiple trips on my bike but now I can do one stop shopping and simply unpack in the apartment (I love that you can use the kickstand for it to stand upright).  It fits easily in my closet and that is important as like most New Yorkers space is very much an issue.

 Curious Customer in Whole Foods

I also attach it to my bike even if I don't plan on getting anything because often its those random things I see that I covet the most.  Now I can stop and buy anything as I peddle around this great city of Manhattan.  People stop me all the time to ask about it and I show them how easy it is to attach/detach, how light, how little space it takes up and they are impressed.  It really sells itself.  Hoping I can borrow it this summer to take on a camping trip to Martha's Vineyard (to carry my tent, cloths all my supplies).  Thanks again for introducing me to this great product.

BPC Wheel Momma!

Shopping Fun!
You can see the Travoy Cargo right here at the Burley Trailers website!

Hope I can prompt Burley to create a hitch for Recumbents! 

Union Square Market
I rigged this up so I could have some fun with the Travoy Cargo
What a set-up!
Urban Mobility Project

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