Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Giant Green Trikes - Revolution will not be Motorized!

You've seen these cargo trikes all over Manhattan
City Bakery
City Harvest Food Rescue
Billy's Bakery

 I worked with Gregg Zukowski at Revolution Rickshaw/Cargo for about six months I helped start the pedal powered cargo leg's of Revolution Rickshaws.In that time I rode cargo TRIKES and helped in sales and development.

My favorite ride was picking up about 200 lbs of Sambazon Smoothies at the Kent street warehouse in Brooklyn.The first time I was given the order I have to admit I was a little nervous about a trip like that, about 8 miles each way. I rode through the streets of Manhattan to the Manhattan Bridge with my big giant cargo trike! As I and started my climb up the bridge things did not seem well. I was in my lowest gear about 9 inches, spinning like crazy and not really moving! I remember seeing people walking past me. I was having a hard time believing that I could put even one pound in the trunk and make it back over the bridge to 36th st in Manhattan. It was about the hardest ride I've ever attempted!

It became one of my favorites....

After all the cargo bikes and trikes I've ridden it seemed like a good idea to interview the man that's really pedal pushing NYC to a Simple Green Cargo Alternative. Vans are no match for the Urban Mobility of a motor free Human Powered cargo trike!

Gregg has the imagination,know-how,right equipment and DRIVE behind him to get the job done!

It did take a while to get his attention,,,,
So here are a couple of questions for you Gregg

 Hi Greg,
  If your still up for it how about an interview for U M P?


When did you start riding Bicycles?
When I was 6 or 7 years old. Don't miss those training wheels! It was how I got around Wellesley, MA, when I was a kid. 
When did you get involved with Pedicabs and Cargo bikes?
In 2003, I finally took the plunge. The first day I rented a pedicab from Pedicabs of New York, I grossed $120 in a few hours of work, had a blast, and realized I'd found my calling. 

Do you still ride?
I just executed a delivery route this morning on an RR rickshaw van. Last night I worked evening rush hours in the rain, and I plan to do so tonight.

When did you form Revolution Rickshaws?
27 April 2005 is what's on the LLC sheet from the state of New York.
How is the business going?
Well, we've made inroads in the city promoting and producing pedal-powered programs for moving people, products, and promotions with a variety of enterprises and individuals, and our mission this year is to limit expenses and expand sales enough to yield an operational profit. 
What industry do you focus on?
If you mean customers, well . . . that's been a challenge for us. We've noticed that folks in food-related industries gravitate toward our rickshaw van rental or delivery programs, so we're tuning more into that area now. 
What do you thing about the explosion in urban cycling around the USA and what effect if any is it having on Revolution Cargo if any?
It's a critical part of the move by some people to value anew our land, our communities, and our bodies. It's heartening when folks and enterprises actually make the commitment to meet their needs via pedal power rather than toxic methods. Sadly, our governments on all levels remain addicted to toxic logistics processes and have yet to invest in pedal power on the level the "private sector" has done. 

 Anything you'd like to Add?
If people or private enterprise or public enterprise are keen to put their money where their mouths are regarding "green" investment and infrastructure and move beyond lip service, then give RR a call at 212.239.0200 or send an email to to see how we can create non-toxic solutions for their local logistics needs!

Don't forget to visit them on Facebook! 

Need some heavy boxes picked up in Manhattan?
Need a van.Are you sure?

Think Again! 

By the way, never a fuel surcharge!

I know you've all seen this photo already but I just had to put in it!
Had a great time riding the Big Giant Trikes in the city!

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