Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Next Century & Hawaii

Hope some of you will join me in The Ride to Montauk!
Saturday June 19th!

Streamliners & Bodysocked Bents 
wanted to join me for

best rides on the east coast

The cliffs at Gay Head Martha's Vineyard

The Ride to Hawaii 

Hot Sweaty Fun in Hawaii
The Big Island

When we arrived on The Big Island I had to assemble our bikes and the Bob trailer. It was so humid I could not get it all done because of the sweat dripping in my eyes!
I was sure it was about 110 degree's.I found out later it was only about 82!

On our way to
Volcano's National Park I think it was about a 20 mile climb! By the time we got to the top(4000ft) I had all of Rachel's gear on the Bob with all of mine!


Camping on Lava
notice we had to use a bike to anchor the tent! People were living in cars on the beach...(way in the back on the left!)

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